Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Hibiscus centerpiece

Styling a centerpiece for a table gets so much easier and lovable when you have fresh cut flowers from your garden, isn't it? Having blooms to my plants makes me happy because that means they are happy.. I am taking good care of them.. Doing something right !! I am sure you would agree with me more if you are as emotional as me:)

Hibiscus is found in variety of colors - I have 3 plants- orange, red and pink. When we have sunshine and fresh blooms from our garden I believe there is no need to over decorate them. With hibiscus you have to enjoy them when are in full bloom since they stay open only for a day in a vase and 2 days on the plant. 
 Just putting them in a pretty vase or jar will add loads of  beauty. Just let the flowers talk. 

I used a small silver jar. It's main purpose of for sugar cubes, mouth fresheners like peppermint or other Indian ones , candies or dry foods. A Ikea candle holder plate and 
some of my wooden blocks. The bird is ceramic and looks very much real. I choose a ivory table runner. All of these things are from different countries where we lived before and have lovely memories attached to it. I don't know if it is the attached memories or just the flowers  that makes it special to me. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lets have a tea party- Vivel Patissarie,Dubai

I am a kind of a person who loves good food and is passionate about design. So when these two come together I just want to scream and shout about it! 

Vivel Patisserie in Dubai Mall is one of them. It is known for its exquisite Iranian sweets, dates chocolate and gourmet teas. Their window display is a visual treat.

Macaroons, Iranian sweets,  chocolates , dry fruits, candied dry fruits and many other delicious looking sweets arranged in towers, glass tier arrangements, in pretty jars and glass pedestal bowls. They have themed displays as per the season. This is for the spring season.

The artistic display continues inside inside as well. There are lots to see before you even think of eating the sweets:)  The gorgeous details include beautiful chandelier, the intricate gold patterns on black wall paper, wooden shelves with amazing selection of gourmet teas, various types of tea pots and colorful packaging boxes.

What I loved most is this big beautiful Arabic painting on the wall near the cozy little seating area. It immediately creates a mood - relaxing, regal, happiness and style. A tea party with dance and music, tea and sweets in Arabic setting. 

            The pastries collection includes over 200 pastries with exotic and unique flavors and shaped by hand. They have around 40 varieties of tea. Most of them are perfumed with fruits, flowers or spices. 

Facebook: Vivel Patissarie

This restaurant review is not sponsored and all the views/ opinions are mine.  

Images: 1,2,3 Vivel Facebok, 4 taken by me.(

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Art

Inspired by spring I made these illustrations on small notebooks. They are done with ink and pen. These are spiral notebooks with handmade paper covers. Looking at these notebooks lightens up my day especially on gloomy dull day. It makes making list of mundane chores much easier:)

I painted a book cover with Madhubani art sometime back. You can see that here.

Do you hate making list of banal chores then either buy or decorate your little book with something that cheers you up!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Table vignette at home

Currently I am drawn ( read: obsessed) by lanterns. I have collected some 4 lanterns by now. It seems that I cannot get enough of Arabic and Moroccan lanterns now a days:)   This one is currently been displayed as a part of my table vignette in the living room. It looked kind of lonely, bare alone so I added some other things I am fetish about. 

Wooden block-printing blocks, antic wooden moon cake mould, a round  hand painted & enameled trinkets box. Most of them bought from Hong Kong when we lived there. The wooden placemat is from Malaysia.  

The moon cake mould is antic- some 80 years old. It has engraving of a wedding couple. It is said to be uncommon if not rare now a days. All things in my house have wonderful memories attached to it. I think that's the way it should be. So do collect unique items instead of the common souvenirs when you visit places. You might have to go a little out of the way for these but nothing impossible. Do research or ask a  local friend. 

Joining the party at BNOP

All images taken by me@home. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Artist of the Week: Eleanor Stuart

In case you are having Monday blues today's post will help you cheer up. Today I am featuring the super talented and creative person who makes fun and witty products with her illustration which adults as well as children will like. I think this combination is a bit rare, isn't it? ..And that's why she is the artist of the week.

Eleanor Stuart is a designer and illustrator based in London. She turns her illustrations into fine bone china plates, greetings cards and art prints.  Eleanor creates original pieces using a variety of media, from pens, ink, pencil and digital processes. Her work is bold, fun and very creative- filled with youthful imagination . She loves is to create work that makes people stop and smile. 

I love her Alice in Wonderland collection which includes plates and stationery featuring illustration of characters from the original story.  Her witty and charming collection include The Alice CollectionThe Alphabet Collection,  The Animal Collection, The Tiny Collection. 

You can see more of her work on her Website. She also has a Etsy shop.

Image courtesy: Eleanor Stuart

Friday, April 4, 2014

Style my room: Nature abundance

Hi friends!! Have you made any weekend plans? The weather is dull here. Its been pouring here all night. While looking for something to beat the weather blues , 
 I came across this picture. There is something so relaxing and calming in this picture. I instantly felt better. I wondered what if I could jump inside this picture, sit and relax. How wonderful it would be, isn't it? Since that's fanciful thinking,  I thought what I have to do to get this kind of look to my house.. Imagining of course, that I had all the resources:)( more day dreaming) Lets see how to get the look!!

What caught my eye in this picture:
Sunshine: One of the essential design factor is light- natural light is the best. Sunshine makes everything look so good and more the better. If there is blue water reflecting the sunshine that is pure bliss.

Flowers: Even a hint of natural flowers, nature, greenery makes it all worthwhile. That makes a place looks livable, happy and charming. I think the white flowers in the vase kind of softens the entire picture.

Wooden Furniture and flooring: The brown wood gives the entire look a perfect balance. It is creates an  warm and homely feeling. 

So what does the picture say to you?!!

Image courtesy: unknown via Pinerest 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Decorating with marigolds- indian themed floral arrangement with contemporary twist

Marigold is a flower which is usedin India on any festive event. It is important part of Indian wedding decor and also during festivals. Flower shops in India are brimming with an abundant variety of flowers - especially marigolds any time of the year. 

Inspite of the abundance or because of it I feel marigold gets treated as a flower not worth to be put in vase for decoration or in flower arrangements. 
To break the myth I thought I will showcase some fabulous ways marigold is used to decorate in a chic and elegant style. I will start with the one I love the most.


Isn't this gorgeous!! I haven't seen a unique marigold decoration better than this ever- not in real life or on internet. This beautiful arrangement is made by Florali. It is made of zinnias, cosmos, peonies and marigold..all in vase wrapped in sari!! Wow !!  You must visit their blog to see the unique and extraordinary floral design done by them

I would love to try this as soon I see some marigolds in this dessert, maybe in winter or Diwali time. Would you like to try something like this - marigold in a different style and form of decoration for that festive occasion - like Diwali? 

More arrangements to decorate with marigold are coming up soon..

  This image is courtesy Florali and is subject to copyright.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

April travel destination- Japan

What comes to your mind when you hear the word spring. My mind drifts to a beautiful, peaceful, cool place with blue skies, green grass and cherry blossom trees. Find a perfect place under a blooming Cherry blossom tree, spread the blanket, enjoy wine with friends and family. When the wind blows the delicate petals will fall like snowflakes. Ahh ..almost sounds like a dream but no this is happening in Japan right now. A perfect place to enjoy the arrival of spring and celebrate is Japan.  Sakura or Cherry Blossom blooming time is considered as the start of Spring as well as rebirth in Japan. 

In springtime Japan is nothing less than magical. From end of March to mid April or even till early May is the season of the iconic Sakura / Cherry Blossom blooming period. The beautiful pink flowers blanket the country in soft, colorful splendor. The blooming time of the cheery blossom varies as per the geographical location and weather. You can check the blooming period timetable on Japan's travel sites like japan-guide. It gives you the forecast of the Sakura season. You can also get information about the favorite cherry blossom viewing spots. There are festivals held to celebrate this beautiful time. 

Friends and family gather for picnics, spreading blankets under the cherry trees. 
This tradition of ´hanami´ includes attending tea ceremonies and festivals, or just walking beneath the flurry of pink petals. The falling petals are known as 'sakura fubuki' which literally translates into cherry blossom snowfall. 

Signing off with this lovely video of Sakura in Japan!!!!!! This is where I would like to be right now!!!

Pictures from Japan guide. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Where to eat in Dubai? - Try Markette !! ( Restaurant review)

We are always on lookout for a nice restaurant which would serve us healthy, homely and of course low cal food. Trust me that's hard to find in Dubai!!
 Markette Restaurant & Crêperie- a much awaited restaurant/cafe has opened , we wanted to try it out. Looking at the homely and cozy look of the place we thought it must be serving fresh, home style low cal food and we were not disappointed. 
 I was impressed by the  interiors- homely, cozy and friendly. They have created the look of an cozy kitchen with kitchen shelves, accessories, chalkboards, pendant light fixtures and wooden ceiling. My current muse being hand written chalk boards I was very happy to see the handwritten chalkboards giving it a country cozy look. 

The menu is creatively displayed on  Chalkboards hanging on the top of the shelves. The shelves looked colorful and merry with rows of mason jars filled with breakfast cereal,pastas and   other dry ingredients. The effect is that looking at those jars filled with goodies can dramatically increase your appetite. 

The interior has a feel of a cozy feel with wooden ceiling. The flooring also matches the entire look - a nostalgic look. It has nice view of the Dubai Mall aquarium. It does feel better to watch the sharks and other fish rather than staring at people:) 

I liked the lanterns, terrariums, small herb plants on the shelves which added charm to the place. The menu is exciting as well. We went for Caesar salad , chicken avocado salad and chicken paillard. Sorry, We are on diet. They do have a wonderful range of courses and dessert as well.  Everything was amazingly fresh, delicious and looked gorgeous.  Chicken paillard was pounded , grilled and spiced chicken served with grilled vegetables. We all loved it including my 2 year old. 

Location: Dubai mall.
Price: 50 -200 AED
Facebook: MarketteDubai

This restaurant review is not sponsored and all the views/ opinions are mine.  All pictures taken by me and not to be reproduced without permission.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feather- Ink on watercolor paper

 I had shared the progress of this painting months back on Facebook .. If you have liked it you have already seen it. What not yet?!! You should.. ;; Haha!! For those who haven't yet I will share with you today. 

This inspiration came to me one night after my little one went to sleep. I had to draw it otherwise I couldn't sleep.I eventually   finished it. It is colorful feather- ink on watercolor paper. 

Image taken by@home. Subject to copyright. If you like it so much you can buy it from me. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Edible Matchsticks

Edible matchsticks are easy to make.  I made them for my son's fire engine themed birthday party.  These can be made on valentines day,Diwali, siren themed birthday party or just for fun.

I used pretzel sticks. Put red marzipan on the top. That's it!!  

I saw these on this site. They had made it for valentines day. The recipe is different. They have added a message on the box- Light my fire or you are my perfect match. How apt for valentines!! I will remember for next time:) 

Similarly one can make these on Diwali and on the box can write sparklers or colored matchsticks:) to fool your guests. Just for fun!! 

More posts about my son's fire engine themed birthday party:

  Images taken by me@home. Please do not use without permission.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Floral arrangement with Bohemian touch

Like always some flowers last longer than others even if they belonged to the same bouquet. The flowers in the fire engine themed centerpieces  I had created ( see here) didn't last longer. I created a smaller arrangement with the ones which had survived. 

The jars around it are from Jordan. Made from wood and hand painted. Nicely complement the arrangement making it look electric vibrant colored  Bohomian. 

Images taken by me@ my home. Subject to copyright.