Thursday, March 8, 2018

How to make a Ice bowl : Fossil science + decor

Avaneesh and I have been exploring the fossils topic. I love to do projects with my son which are fun + art + educational. A child can learn so much if there is some fun activity involved in it.  My son loves science experiments. It was a very hot day when we started this project. Two things I believe any child likes is playing in water or with ice. Our afternoons are spent on the balcony with ice - breaking with toy hammer or watching them melt. So one day when playing with ice cubes I was thinking if I would do something more interesting..  So came the idea of making a bowl!!

We plucked some flowers from our little garden. First we took a larger bowl (salad bowl) and kept a smaller one in it. Some pebbles went in the smaller bowl to keep it down. We poured water in bigger one just enough water taking care not to overflow the water. He placed the flowers in the water. I carried it carefully to the fridge avoiding to spill it and create a puddle in the house. 

We had one of those refrigerators which are divided into two parts. One is the freezer and other is the fridge section.  I placed it on the lower rack so that he can see it. When I was a kid I wquld check the fridge n times when my mom would be making icecream. Avaneesh checked the freezer several times just like that. He soon lost interest as it took time for the water to fridge. I kept the reveal time for next day. 

Next day in afternoon we took it to our balcony table. We set it out in the sun to melt on the sides. Soon we were able to remove both bowls. It looked so glorious with the summer sun fell on it. It looked like a glass bowl.  

It would make perfect to keep strawberries or berries for dessert. For those early spring days when it is not too hot or cold, just perfect for having a drink and enjoy the strawberries. 

In our case, it was like finding treasure from the bowl. Soon the bowl was broken and crushed with a toy hammer. All flowers were 'rescued' and the remaining parts were left to melt. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Minion craft - Minion mask diy

Sunny boy and I were talking about masks.. We had made a spider man mask some days back ...Sunny boy does not wear it at all.. So when asked why , he said he would rather like a minion mask. Ok.. So I thought about a moment.. Ok I said lets make it !!
I measured his head and then cut the head part. To make eyes I folded the mask and cut out two circles for eyes. Then I cut two larger circles and two sides of strap. Three pieces for hair as well.
Sunny boy painted all the parts and glued it together.
After it was dry I glued a ribbon on the sides. This mask is a big hit with him. He loves it!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Minion Craft with recycled can

We love Minions!!! Recently we have been doing many Minion crafts. This one is made with a big  size recycled can. All you need is paper, a big box to be recycled, poster colors , glue and scissors. Optional is felt for eyes and hands.
I cut out all the parts from a thick sheet of paper. First sunny boy (3) covered the can with plain paper which he colored yellow with poster paint. Next he painted and glued the clothes. The parts of specs are made separately. The eyes are made of felt. For the specs I had cut the strap and the circles...over which we glued the felt eyes. The arms were painted and then rolled up. We glued hands made from felt in it. The smile is made of scrap felt which sunny boy thought looks like a smile!! Oh yes almost forgot the beret.. We put the lid on and then glued a pompom over it!!! Hooray the minion is done!!!
Sunny boy had lot of fun doing this craft and he is very proud of his creation!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Color mixing chart for little artists

Sunny boy likes to paint so he is always asking which color is formed by mixing x and y colors!! So I did an activity to make a color chart. This activity helps in understanding combinations and permutations , how the value/ shade of the color changes when either white or black OR lighter or darker shades of colors are mixed...different quantity of colors can result in different shades. 

I believe the easiest way for a child to understand and learn something is through practical example/experiment or demonstration. If the activity is fun filled then even better!!

 I started by telling him that it is like a science experiment ..We will add colors and find out what the resulting color is. Then we will note it down in a chart ..This way we will know and remember the combinations.. 

This made him very excited.. I gave him the colors one by one, he mixed and we noted it down.. I have taped this chart in his room ...He remembers all the combinations and if he does not then it is always on the wall to check!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Recycle craft: Minion

I did this craft with sunny boy last year when he was 2. 7 mnths old....I always ask Avaneesh what does ' something' looks like to increase his imagination. The yellow egg from the surprise chocolate egg looks like a Minion. He keeps calling that yellow egg a minion so I told him that we will make it a minion with it. He was excited ..".Minion how will we make one out of this" he asked. I was excited too as I find Minions adorable as well. actually everyone finds them cute..isnt it?!! 

All that is needed to make is a inside case/egg of surprise chocolate egg ,black felt strip, googly eyes , blue felt or paper and glue. I cut out parts and he glued it in place. Googly eyes were his favorite part of this craft activity. 

Sunny boy ( now 3.6 ) is over it and doesnot even like the kinder or surprise eggs.. but I still find  it cute so I thought of sharing it with you all!!! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cloud and wind science experiment

Sunny boy(3.6) is a curious child and asks a lot of why this and why that questions... I love these questions.. I try my best to answer them based on facts and correct information. Most of the times I know the answers and sometimes I need to find out .. I feel if a child is curious then a mom should try her best to explain and help him understand. When I tell him he absorbs the information and remembers it..So I want to encourage him!!! 

So this experiment is simple to do and basic. I wanted to do this experiment to satisfy his two why questions: How are clouds formed? Why and how the wind is formed?  

1:  Clouds are formed from the condensation of the water vapour/moisture. Due to cooler air ,the water vapour will condense and become clouds. I found this diagram helpful :

 2: The sun heats the land and thus the air above. The hot light air rises and cold air above sinks. Cold air then replaces the hot air. This air movement becomes wind. 

Things needed for this experiment are:
A vase or tall glass container
A plate or lid to cover the container 
Hot water
Ice cubes
Match sticks

I explained to him the "NO Touching " terms as it involves hot water and matchstick.

Start by explaining why you doing this experiment and what the result will be..All the science experiment I do at home have a "WOW"  end result, so little guy is always excited by the name of experiment.. sometimes when he tired of playing he would say Mamma I want a science experiment:) 

Collect all the material needed. I always ask Avaneesh to help collect the things needed. 

Heat up the water. Make it rolling hot. 

Pour it in the container. Instantly keep the lid on . Put some 4-5 ice cubes on the top. Wait and watch for a while. 

Put a lighted match stick inside and again quickly put the lid on. Now wait and watch as the cloud forms inside. Avaneesh was amazed by the matchstick and the cloud forming inside part. I asked him after a while if he would like to let go the cloud. He said yes so I opened the lid and we both enjoyed the cloud coming out..

we did this several times ( till the time I got tired of making hot water:)) 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sun prints (science experiments)

Its really hot this summer in Singapore.. everyone says that but I think it is a bit too exaggerated .. So I said to Avaneesh lets find out for ourselves if Singapore is really that hot? 

Its a fun science experiment for hot weather!!
 All you need is bright colored construction paper or card stock , some coins and a place where you get direct sunlight for most times..

We found a bright red cardstock.. Avaneesh collected different sized coins and we placed it a place on our balcony which gets direct sunlight most.I explained to Avaneesh how this experiment works. 

Sunlight will fade the whole paper except the places where the coins are placed. Like a umbrella or roof the coins will protect the paper from fading. This will also help us to compare the results and we will get a nice design on the paper!! 

We talked about how Sun's heat is strong enough to melt ice, evaporate water, fade colors... I told him that we will check this every day.We checked it every day. Our balcony gets sunlight only few hours of a day.. so it took us a 5 days to see the change. 

It is interesting to see the results .. This explains how harmful or strong sun's UV rays are, how staying in shade or putting a sunscreen can help you stay safe!!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Marbleized art print ( science experiment )

Sunny boy loves doing science experiment... I love them too- they are educational, fun and have a element of mystery, suspense and climax  to it which is so cool..I started science eperiments with him since he was 2.5 years old .. Then he just used to watch them he can do them and is curious to know how and why this happened...All the science experiments that we have done have a lovely surprising result to it!!

So with this science experiment we made these cool looking glossy marbleized art prints!!! 

This project like our other projects has more than one benefit- educational, art and use of expired milk. 
A milk and food coloring experiment!!

Ingredients you will need are:
Milk - full cream ( I used expired milk but otherwise is also ok)
Cooking oil ( I use canola)
Food colors

I took a shallow dish( dhokla plate) I always ask Avaneesh to help me collect and arrange the material for the experiments. Once we had all the things required we were good to start. 
I poured milk in the dish. Then poured a thin layer of oil over it. Notice that both the liquids don't mix !! We discussed for a few moments about density of liquids.. why oil is floating over milk. 
Sunny boy was excited and impatient to use colors on the milk..I asked him which colors he wants to use.. He choose orange so he poured orange food color with a dropper. The color drops float on the oil..With a toothpick he popped the milk drops/bubbles to see the color explosion.. Swirl them around with toothpick making beautiful patterns !!!

After he had played for a while I put a square piece of paper on the milk and he gently pulled it out. We made many such prints. I kept them out for drying. 
We repeated the same experiment a couple of times with fresh milk  and other colors till
Sunny boy was satisfied!!

Once the color had dried I wrapped the prints in tissue paper for a day to absorb all the extra oil. Super cool prints are ready to be framed.. I framed them and hung in sunny boy's room!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fossils wall hanging on air dry clay

Like any other kid Avaneesh is also very interested in dinosaurs.. I suppose we all are to an extent...We are totally loving the nature and greenery in Singapore. When we are outside I make it a point to let sunny boy connect, explore and enjoy nature.. Avaneesh collects sticks, leaves and flowers of various sizes and shapes..we stop and admire the bugs, leaves , fruits and flowers!!!!

   So I thought of combining a two activities and making one project...Nature finds + Craft + Fossil prints!!

We collected some flowers and leaves from the garden.. Then pressed these in pages of a book and kept it under some heavy books for a day or two.  We checked every day to see if it has become dry and crispy .. Once satisfied we started with the work on fossil making!!

I asked him to roll out the air dry clay.. He noticed that it is of different in texture, thickness as compared to his play dough..  Once rolled out I gave him a tin to cut the circles out. Then he pressed the flowers on it. I did apply little glue to fix the flowers while sunny boy was not watching!! For the leaves I asked him to press firmly on the clay and then pull it out to see the print.. He was excited to see the prints.. He did many prints with different leaves .. Some leaves made good prints while some were very faint.. We used only the ones which made good visible prints. I asked him to make a hole in the top part of some of the circles. 

We let it dry overnight.. Next day I passed a twine through it and made a wall hanging/bunting with it !! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Space inspired craft : Pluto

We did this project a day after the spacecraft New horizon reached planet Pluto. We were so excited and my  little one enjoyed watching the pictures of Pluto send by the spacecraft. Sunny boy(3yrs) is total planetary science enthusiastic... So he wanted to do some Pluto inspired art /craft. 

For this project, you will need:
Paper and colors(black and white)

we started by making the background space first. Sunny boy painted the paper black. We kept it for drying while we made the mixture for making Pluto. I kept the ingredients on the table and  he had to scoop flour into a bowl, added water , some glue and squeezed some white color from the  color tube. He mixed it with a spoon till it formed a sticky dough. This activity helps in fine motor skills.
This dough was pressed on a lid. We discussed about the features of Pluto and its surface. We made craters, bumps and texture with hand...

The flour dough gave out a pungent smell the next morning.. so it went to the dustbin.. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Art and Plant science : Recycling wine bottles

Me and sunny boy(3yrs) do lot of recycling art and craft activities in the afternoon. I strongly believing in recycling. I have been doing it since I was a kid ... I want to infuse the similar ideas about recycling in his mind.. The another thing is that it does save a lot of money which I would be spending if I have to buy new stuff for toddler activities..

This project is a Recycling + Kids craft activity + Bathroom decor.

I had these two empty wines bottles. These look perfect to put a money plant in it.
My son gets very excited for a painting activity. We started first by putting sticky tape on it. Sunny boy found circle stickers which he put on one bottle. He kept on asking why are we putting sticky tape?I told him to wait and watch. He decided to paint it blue. 
 I was a bit apprehensive about letting him hold a glass bottle so I held on it all the time while he painted. The next one I choose to paint it golden. So he did paint it.

We kept it for drying for a day or two. I pulled the tape to reveal the design. The effect is Wow..It does look pretty.. 

We put the creeper in the bottle..discussing about plant science- what and why plant need - sunlight and water, also we are observing the growth of roots and how the plant turns itself towards the sunlight .. Who knew a simple project could teach a toddler so much!!

Similar designs can be made on mason jars to convert them into tealight candle holders!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cookie for two

After baking almost 50 cakes in last 1.5 years my little baker is bored of baking cakes..He doesn't even want to eat them anymore ..So he as ventured into baking cookies..These cookies were baked yesterday.. I found a super easy recipe for two cookies.. I melted the butter, read the instructions and kept the cookies in the oven to bake..Sunny boy measured the ingredients and mixed them together..made a dough and flattened in out to make the cookies.. The outcome was superb..We didn't put any cocoa or choco chips and the sugar was less but then he does not like sugar and chocolate (strange) so it worked well for us..You can find this recipe here: in Katrina's Kitchen

On a other note, I know I have been writing after November 14...
I have been on a beautiful creative project of my own- raising a child.. It is a most rewarding and satisfying job I have ever done.. Its my joy of my life.. I spend every week day doing creative projects with my son. My son is now 3 years old. My sunny boy is a bundle of energy full of curiosity and inquisitiveness.. I have been doing a variety of creative projects with him in all areas he is interested in...I am discovering myself through this journey..I love my job as his mom and I don't think or read about anything other than creative projects .. These include art and craft, science, baking, planetary science, construction, writing and reading skills, reading and books, sports ..

We have moved to Singapore a few months back and my house just like all  my previous homes is pretty and elegant..but interiors and decorating  is just a small tiny part of my personality now.. 

I intend to start to write about my creative projects with my son..I need someplace to document these and hopefully this information is useful for some mom somewhere ..