Friday, October 3, 2014

Making ravana at home for Dussehra

Namaste friends!! It's festival time!! 
For those who don't know what I am talking about,  today is a Hindu festival called Dusshera. Its a festival to celebrate good over evil !!! (read more here)

This one of those highly procrastinated projects. I have been thinking of doing it since last 2 weeks. Although well..since I had quite some time to do it I kept on putting it off. It happens to everyone isn't it.. Time starved and time rich both don't work ..
So there I was a day before(yesterday) relaxing on the sofa.. Suddenly it dawn upon me that its tomorrow -oh dear I have done nothing yet:( Then I worked in a super fast manner - zipping and zapping to get everything ready!!

At night once sunny boy was sleeping I started with the ravana. 

It only takes 2 hours (or lesser )hours to make it. So if you want to make it for the evening you still have time . 

All that is needed is :
Two paper cups , glittery paper, colored card stock , glue, scissors and masking tape.

1) Keep the cup one over other. Fix them together with a masking tape. 

2) Measure your cup size and cut out the paper. I used a glitter paper but even a gift wrapping paper will also look nice. 

3) I wrapped two cups separately and then covering the joint lines with golden paper.

4) Make two rolls of the same paper used to cover the cups. Pierce two holes for hands in cup on the top with a scissor. Fix the paper rolls inside. If its not staying put fix it with a masking tape from inside.

5) Make the dhall/ shield  and sword. Glue it on the end of hands.

6) For the face, make a roll with card stock just enough for it to go inside the topmost cup. Cut out eyes and mustache from felt or card stock. Make a small cone for nose. Fix them all in place. Make a crown and fix that on the head.

7) Cut a long rectangle strip for the remaining 9 heads. Measure and divide the space for 9 heads, keeping space in the center for the 'center head' which you made earlier. Draw side faces , glue a strip of glitter paper for crown. 

That's it! Its done! Sit back and admire your piece of art! Give yourselves a pat.Optionally you can take pictures and post on Facebook and what's app :))

Wishing you all a Happy Dusshera!!!


A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Such a fun Ravan, sure must have been a fun process of making it too :))

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Ambika!! It sure was fun to make but to burn it even more exciting. We all lived it especially my son!! I want make it every year and burn it!