Friday, February 24, 2023

Festivals of the world : Fasching


Fasching and Karneval are traditional celebrations in German-speaking countries. This fun-filled festival includes fun parades and carnivals. Hundreds of people gather around the streets to watch the parade. There are elaborate and extravagant floats. The marchers and enthusiastic people wear bright and colorful costumes to the carnival. The most popular costumes are clowns, witches, animals, and wizards. The carnival has game stalls. Food and drinks stalls serve traditional german food like “ FaschingsKrapfen”, a German doughnut filled with jam jelly, bratwurst, pretzel, and Gluhwein.

Fasching has been celebrated in February since the Middle ages. It has a religious significance to it. Today in most countries, it is celebrated for fun and enjoyment.

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