Saturday, August 22, 2015

Color mixing chart for little artists

Sunny boy likes to paint so he is always asking which color is formed by mixing x and y colors!! So I did an activity to make a color chart. This activity helps in understanding combinations and permutations , how the value/ shade of the color changes when either white or black OR lighter or darker shades of colors are mixed...different quantity of colors can result in different shades. 

I believe the easiest way for a child to understand and learn something is through practical example/experiment or demonstration. If the activity is fun filled then even better!!

 I started by telling him that it is like a science experiment ..We will add colors and find out what the resulting color is. Then we will note it down in a chart ..This way we will know and remember the combinations.. 

This made him very excited.. I gave him the colors one by one, he mixed and we noted it down.. I have taped this chart in his room ...He remembers all the combinations and if he does not then it is always on the wall to check!!

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