Thursday, March 8, 2018

How to make a Ice bowl : Fossil science + decor

Avaneesh and I have been exploring the fossils topic. I love to do projects with my son which are fun + art + educational. A child can learn so much if there is some fun activity involved in it.  My son loves science experiments. It was a very hot day when we started this project. Two things I believe any child likes is playing in water or with ice. Our afternoons are spent on the balcony with ice - breaking with toy hammer or watching them melt. So one day when playing with ice cubes I was thinking if I would do something more interesting..  So came the idea of making a bowl!!

We plucked some flowers from our little garden. First we took a larger bowl (salad bowl) and kept a smaller one in it. Some pebbles went in the smaller bowl to keep it down. We poured water in bigger one just enough water taking care not to overflow the water. He placed the flowers in the water. I carried it carefully to the fridge avoiding to spill it and create a puddle in the house. 

We had one of those refrigerators which are divided into two parts. One is the freezer and other is the fridge section.  I placed it on the lower rack so that he can see it. When I was a kid I wquld check the fridge n times when my mom would be making icecream. Avaneesh checked the freezer several times just like that. He soon lost interest as it took time for the water to fridge. I kept the reveal time for next day. 

Next day in afternoon we took it to our balcony table. We set it out in the sun to melt on the sides. Soon we were able to remove both bowls. It looked so glorious with the summer sun fell on it. It looked like a glass bowl.  

It would make perfect to keep strawberries or berries for dessert. For those early spring days when it is not too hot or cold, just perfect for having a drink and enjoy the strawberries. 

In our case, it was like finding treasure from the bowl. Soon the bowl was broken and crushed with a toy hammer. All flowers were 'rescued' and the remaining parts were left to melt. 

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