Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gardening activity for toddlers

Just sharing snippets of my life with my lovely readers here..Enjoying the hot Middle eastern summer with my 16 month old. I want to develop love for gardening , good creative outlets for his energy, grow enthusiasm and interest. I believe if children learn to love and take care of plants and trees our planet might be greener in future.

My son is 16 months so he just imitates what I am doing. Children are so good in their observation and want to do exactly what their parents are doing. He watches me planting, watering and taking care of the plants. I love then my plants have flowers. I have home made bird bath.  He plucks the flowers and then drops them in the bird bath. Seems like the decorating bug is in him too:)

It gets windy here in the summer season. He likes to watch and play with the pinwheel go round and round. I have kept a pinwheel indoors as well.

He helps Mommy decorate the garden.. He even tries to pick up  pots:) Tried several places to keep this lantern finally settling on a chair .. Then turned and gave it a another look and nodded..Like now it looks good sort of expression!!

 Oh my god how much the children observe and learn from us.. from what we are doing...Amazing!! So the other day I started reading books while he was playing  just to see that if he would pick up that habit as well.. And just in two days I see that  he is reading his books more and more ..even without me offering to read to him!!! 

wow!! that really made me thinking..what else should I include in my daily life..parenting.. its my chance to get rid of all my  'bad habits' to good outdoor activities, eating healthy, less internet..more sports..Cultivating good habits is such an important task.. !!!! 

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