Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book review :Sights and Secrets of Hong Kong by Loretta E Roberts

In the last few days in Hong Kong I had been craving to find something that could summarize my stay in the energetic and beautiful city. A causal browse in a book store near the hotel I found a treasure - a picture book aptly named Sights and secrets  of Hong Kong. A book which takes you around the city through the beautiful sketches by artist Loretta Roberts. 

I have to give a little background as the book reveals all this.  Hong Kong city has lot of character and culture, history .. Every nook, corner, door and window has a story behind it to tell .. The culture and traditions are varied, beautiful,meaningful and colorful.Mostly the city is made of small narrow lanes and roads with slopes, steep levels on one side and high mountain on the other, roads crossing and curving through the mountains. The curvy roads over the mountains which are covered  with exotic species of plants, flora and fauna.. The views are stunning, breathtaking ..
The beauty of Hong Kong is in the blend of the nature and modernity .. the artist has beautifully captured the true essence of Hong Kong.. The small events in the life of city which I saw every day and admired are sketched amazingly!!! The beauty of the sketches is such that if makes photographs of the same things look so dull!!

The book has pictures of quirky charming detailed nooks and corners.. my favorite are the postboxes, old bright colored doors, the Lantau island and market place pictures are a few of the many. 

This book is a perfect coffee table book, a gift or a souvenir. I found the book a perfect way to store the true essence of the city  and my memories of the wonderful 8 month stay in Hong Kong. As a avid traveller and a artist I wish I had made some sketches of  the things that touched my heart and mind.. 

The artist has similar beautiful sketch book made for Singapore as well.

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