{ About me }

Hi Friends!! Welcome to my page. My name is Purnima. A little bit about myself. 

The easiest way to describe me is a global Indian.
 I love to relocate and experience the life in different countries. 
We have lived in India, Sydney- Australia, Zurich- Switzerland, Singapore, 
Hong Kong- China and now living in Dubai- UAE. That is a big part of my life. Strangely, I cannot see myself settled in one country. Friends find that crazy. I wonder why:)

I love to travel and have explored many places/cities/countries as well.  Having a baby has not stopped me travelling by any way. Before my son turned 1 he had lived/traveled to 4 different countries. 

Living and travelling in so many countries, I have absorbed many styles and cultures of respective regions. I have also retained my own Indian style as well. Like it is said" You are always a Indian by heart no matter where you live."
 My home is a huge melody of pieces we have curated from all the countries we have been to. Each item has a story behind it. Each item spark a lot of memories all the time.

What do I do?
I am a creative mom to my 2 year old son. I like to create and make educational and creative stuff for him to stimulate his mind and encourage creativity in him.I also love to make paintings for kids nursery.

  I also do floral arrangements, party decorations and fine art paintings.
I work after my son takes a nap in the afternoon. 
I sell offline under the label' The colorful field'. I also have a etsy shop.

What is this blog about?
A creative project is a lifestyle blog devoted to sharing global seasonal and festive interior decorating inspirations, table arrangements, themed party/table decor, travel destinations, occasional recipes, gift guides, do-it-yourselves projects with tutorials. You will find table decor ideas and inspirations, my art work and travel stories. I share craft projects with tutorials of the projects I do with my 2 year old. 

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Thanks for stopping by A creative project!!!