Friday, July 24, 2015

Space inspired craft : Pluto

We did this project a day after the spacecraft New horizon reached planet Pluto. We were so excited and my  little one enjoyed watching the pictures of Pluto send by the spacecraft. Sunny boy(3yrs) is total planetary science enthusiastic... So he wanted to do some Pluto inspired art /craft. 

For this project, you will need:
Paper and colors(black and white)

we started by making the background space first. Sunny boy painted the paper black. We kept it for drying while we made the mixture for making Pluto. I kept the ingredients on the table and  he had to scoop flour into a bowl, added water , some glue and squeezed some white color from the  color tube. He mixed it with a spoon till it formed a sticky dough. This activity helps in fine motor skills.
This dough was pressed on a lid. We discussed about the features of Pluto and its surface. We made craters, bumps and texture with hand...

The flour dough gave out a pungent smell the next morning.. so it went to the dustbin.. 

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