Monday, July 27, 2015

Fossils wall hanging on air dry clay

Like any other kid Avaneesh is also very interested in dinosaurs.. I suppose we all are to an extent...We are totally loving the nature and greenery in Singapore. When we are outside I make it a point to let sunny boy connect, explore and enjoy nature.. Avaneesh collects sticks, leaves and flowers of various sizes and shapes..we stop and admire the bugs, leaves , fruits and flowers!!!!

   So I thought of combining a two activities and making one project...Nature finds + Craft + Fossil prints!!

We collected some flowers and leaves from the garden.. Then pressed these in pages of a book and kept it under some heavy books for a day or two.  We checked every day to see if it has become dry and crispy .. Once satisfied we started with the work on fossil making!!

I asked him to roll out the air dry clay.. He noticed that it is of different in texture, thickness as compared to his play dough..  Once rolled out I gave him a tin to cut the circles out. Then he pressed the flowers on it. I did apply little glue to fix the flowers while sunny boy was not watching!! For the leaves I asked him to press firmly on the clay and then pull it out to see the print.. He was excited to see the prints.. He did many prints with different leaves .. Some leaves made good prints while some were very faint.. We used only the ones which made good visible prints. I asked him to make a hole in the top part of some of the circles. 

We let it dry overnight.. Next day I passed a twine through it and made a wall hanging/bunting with it !! 

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