Thursday, July 23, 2015

Art and Plant science : Recycling wine bottles

Me and sunny boy(3yrs) do lot of recycling art and craft activities in the afternoon. I strongly believing in recycling. I have been doing it since I was a kid ... I want to infuse the similar ideas about recycling in his mind.. The another thing is that it does save a lot of money which I would be spending if I have to buy new stuff for toddler activities..

This project is a Recycling + Kids craft activity + Bathroom decor.

I had these two empty wines bottles. These look perfect to put a money plant in it.
My son gets very excited for a painting activity. We started first by putting sticky tape on it. Sunny boy found circle stickers which he put on one bottle. He kept on asking why are we putting sticky tape?I told him to wait and watch. He decided to paint it blue. 
 I was a bit apprehensive about letting him hold a glass bottle so I held on it all the time while he painted. The next one I choose to paint it golden. So he did paint it.

We kept it for drying for a day or two. I pulled the tape to reveal the design. The effect is Wow..It does look pretty.. 

We put the creeper in the bottle..discussing about plant science- what and why plant need - sunlight and water, also we are observing the growth of roots and how the plant turns itself towards the sunlight .. Who knew a simple project could teach a toddler so much!!

Similar designs can be made on mason jars to convert them into tealight candle holders!!

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