Friday, July 31, 2015

Marbleized art print ( science experiment )

Sunny boy loves doing science experiment... I love them too- they are educational, fun and have a element of mystery, suspense and climax  to it which is so cool..I started science eperiments with him since he was 2.5 years old .. Then he just used to watch them he can do them and is curious to know how and why this happened...All the science experiments that we have done have a lovely surprising result to it!!

So with this science experiment we made these cool looking glossy marbleized art prints!!! 

This project like our other projects has more than one benefit- educational, art and use of expired milk. 
A milk and food coloring experiment!!

Ingredients you will need are:
Milk - full cream ( I used expired milk but otherwise is also ok)
Cooking oil ( I use canola)
Food colors

I took a shallow dish( dhokla plate) I always ask Avaneesh to help me collect and arrange the material for the experiments. Once we had all the things required we were good to start. 
I poured milk in the dish. Then poured a thin layer of oil over it. Notice that both the liquids don't mix !! We discussed for a few moments about density of liquids.. why oil is floating over milk. 
Sunny boy was excited and impatient to use colors on the milk..I asked him which colors he wants to use.. He choose orange so he poured orange food color with a dropper. The color drops float on the oil..With a toothpick he popped the milk drops/bubbles to see the color explosion.. Swirl them around with toothpick making beautiful patterns !!!

After he had played for a while I put a square piece of paper on the milk and he gently pulled it out. We made many such prints. I kept them out for drying. 
We repeated the same experiment a couple of times with fresh milk  and other colors till
Sunny boy was satisfied!!

Once the color had dried I wrapped the prints in tissue paper for a day to absorb all the extra oil. Super cool prints are ready to be framed.. I framed them and hung in sunny boy's room!!

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