Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sun prints (science experiments)

Its really hot this summer in Singapore.. everyone says that but I think it is a bit too exaggerated .. So I said to Avaneesh lets find out for ourselves if Singapore is really that hot? 

Its a fun science experiment for hot weather!!
 All you need is bright colored construction paper or card stock , some coins and a place where you get direct sunlight for most times..

We found a bright red cardstock.. Avaneesh collected different sized coins and we placed it a place on our balcony which gets direct sunlight most.I explained to Avaneesh how this experiment works. 

Sunlight will fade the whole paper except the places where the coins are placed. Like a umbrella or roof the coins will protect the paper from fading. This will also help us to compare the results and we will get a nice design on the paper!! 

We talked about how Sun's heat is strong enough to melt ice, evaporate water, fade colors... I told him that we will check this every day.We checked it every day. Our balcony gets sunlight only few hours of a day.. so it took us a 5 days to see the change. 

It is interesting to see the results .. This explains how harmful or strong sun's UV rays are, how staying in shade or putting a sunscreen can help you stay safe!!!

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