Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cookie for two

After baking almost 50 cakes in last 1.5 years my little baker is bored of baking cakes..He doesn't even want to eat them anymore ..So he as ventured into baking cookies..These cookies were baked yesterday.. I found a super easy recipe for two cookies.. I melted the butter, read the instructions and kept the cookies in the oven to bake..Sunny boy measured the ingredients and mixed them together..made a dough and flattened in out to make the cookies.. The outcome was superb..We didn't put any cocoa or choco chips and the sugar was less but then he does not like sugar and chocolate (strange) so it worked well for us..You can find this recipe here: in Katrina's Kitchen

On a other note, I know I have been writing after November 14...
I have been on a beautiful creative project of my own- raising a child.. It is a most rewarding and satisfying job I have ever done.. Its my joy of my life.. I spend every week day doing creative projects with my son. My son is now 3 years old. My sunny boy is a bundle of energy full of curiosity and inquisitiveness.. I have been doing a variety of creative projects with him in all areas he is interested in...I am discovering myself through this journey..I love my job as his mom and I don't think or read about anything other than creative projects .. These include art and craft, science, baking, planetary science, construction, writing and reading skills, reading and books, sports ..

We have moved to Singapore a few months back and my house just like all  my previous homes is pretty and elegant..but interiors and decorating  is just a small tiny part of my personality now.. 

I intend to start to write about my creative projects with my son..I need someplace to document these and hopefully this information is useful for some mom somewhere ..


SV said...

I'm in the same boat, my blogging has taken a long hiatus.When I find time I read the posts in the blogs I follow.Yours posts are helpful to me.Thanks for posting.As you said in your previous blog posts baking is safe as they don't come in contact with fire.Even my son is helping me in the kitchen.I bought him a kitchen set toy and he is occupied in it at least for an hour.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks dear!! we do art craft science project almost every day so I have tons of projects ... Enjoy the time with your son...every moment is so precious!!