Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sun, Sand and Turkish coffee

Welcome Decor enthusiasts!! How are you all? The weather here is getting a bit milder. Winter is on it's way. Of all the season I find winter to be the most romantic season!! Its perfect to cuddle up and be cozy .. Grab a warm cuppa and enjoy the extra calories without feeling guilty.. I like to believe that I need those to combat the winter.. Also one can lose more calories in winter or so I like to believe ( every season;) The winter also brings in lot of festivals !! All the major festivals come around winter.. Another reason to be jolly and happy about winter.. all the winter festivals help ward off the winter blues if any... 
Ok before I get too much engrossed in my winter love ..I will pull myself out of my dreamy winter land and share with you a corner of my sun soaked room!! 

After breakfast when husband and toddler went to a football class , I decided to soak up the atmosphere ..relax and have a coffee all by myself enjoying the quiet start of the day.. I made and poured myself a cup of Turkish coffee.  Thus I got a chance to use this Turkish coffee set which I had bought from a very friendly Turkish vendor at the Global village exhibition. This exhibition brings in vendors from all over the world who bring their exotic and traditional items.. Food and decor items have the most exotic and extra ordinary variety. It gives you a glimpse of art and craft from these countries. Many of these countries I won't be traveling to so it is very exciting for me. Turkish, Moroccan, Tunisia and some other middle eastern countries have the best markets and bring exclusive pieces. With so many tempting exotic items in the exhibition, the mad decor enthusiast in me has to be under control all the time. It really tests my limits.

 In case you dont know let me tell you something about Turkish coffee. 
Cezve or ibrik is a Turkish coffee pot with a long handle. Traditionally cezve is made of copper or brass. The coffee is brewed in this coffee pot for two- three times on slow heat. Water, freshly finely grounded coffee(preferably in a turkish coffee grinder/mill), sugar , cardamom goes into it. Stir and boil it. Remove for 30 secs. Heat again. Repeat once or twice more. 
For that matter I did not use this silver one for brewing my coffee . I have another cezve made of copper. The coffee cups are unique as well. The curvy demitasse coffee cups do not have handles. They have a ornate holder with a lid. 

Turkish coffee is intense, dark and strong . It is without milk but has some sugar and spice in itTurkish coffee is traditionally served with sweets. I love coffee but the ones which has milk in it. This is way too strong for me. I had mini lokum along with it. Lokum is popularly known as Turkish delight. They are very sweet, soft and delicious - a perfect accompaniment for the nearly bitter coffee. 

These moroccan glasses look the best when the sun light passes through them..same effect when the light passes through the stained glass windows!! 

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Jacqueline said...

That is a fabulous set! What a fun and interesting piece to have out on display! So glad you could enjoy it while the house was empty!

Chubby Chieque said...

Oh!!! so love your set.

I was in Istanbul last April and I bought almost the same.

Happy weekend ahead.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thank you ladies!!
@ Jackqueline: This coffee set has been long used as a display and I am glad I put it use!!
@ Chieque: wow.. that's lovely.. would love to see yours as well !!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful set...looks great!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Bev!!

Kathy said...

This set is absolutely gorgeous! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,