Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Recycled CD craft projects for kids

If you 're like me and have collected a lot of CD s and DVD s which you no longer like then this post is for you. I have songs and movies CD which I have kept with me since my collegedays. These reminded of the days I would liked to boy zone and Madonna. Now that I am a mom the only songs I listen to( as if I have a choice ..lol)  are nursery rhythms  or kids music. 

So for recycling my CD "collection",  I thought of an idea of making craft with my 2 year old. The only things you need are paper plates, colors and CD s. These all are kids CD craft (I will do a post later on (grownups )decor project with CD s.) My son loves to paint and get his hands dirty and messy with colors. We do creative art and craft activities in the afternoon. I believe it helps them to be more creative, develop higher self esteem especially when we showcase their art work. His best so far are the Ganesha painting( see here) and the sea shell monogram( see here) which we have showcased in the living room while the other better ones of his art/craft projects are showcased on a wall in his room. 

This owl has made it to the 'wall of fame' in his room:) It looks very cute I think. He is made of a  big paper plate, foam sheet and CDs. I am sharing with you a quick tutorial on how to make it. I think the pictures make it easy to understand. 
Ask the child to paint a large paper plate with color of their choice. Mine choose blue. Cut out shapes from felt or foam sheet. Two for ears, one bigger in size for nose and an oval for beak. Ask the child to glue them in place. The CD eyes make the owl look very pretty. This is how I did with my little one. 

One tip I can give from my experience is showing kids how the result 
product( art/craft ) would look like makes it easy for them to make it. They are less puzzled and more focused.

I adore art of animals with big eyes. I find them irresistibly adorable and cuddle worthy. Since I am CD recycling and CD art and craft obsessed these days it seemed to me just perfect to make use of them as big ( really big) eyes for the little fox.

I cut out all the pieces from colored paper. I cut the papers in red, orange, white and a felt nose. My son glued them together one by one. I asked him where the nose or tail should be before gluing them in place. Like me he is also excited to make things with CDs whenever he sees one he says Mamma lets make eyes:))

Here's a very easy to make fish. It just takes 2 minutes or even lesser to make this. A round and a crescent shaped paper. Glue them together and put the eye in place. Draw a mouth or smile. 

Other than using them as eyes, you can use them as a base. The strong round CD forms a good base for any art/craft which is round in shape. It gets easy to store them as well.

We made angry bird. Although neither of us play angry bird still we find them very cute. My son saw a picture of angry bird somewhere and he wants to make all of them.  He painted and then fixed the features. Then glued to the CD. This is how it he did it. He painted the face and beak. The eyebrows and eyes are made of foam sheet which makes them pop  out.

Later we also made a cat, mickey mouse, penguin as well. These are made of colored paper and foam sheet. 

I still have a lot of Cds left. So this is just the beginning. I have lots of projects in my mind like making coasters. I will share it with all soon..
till then 
Happy recycling!!

All images are taken by me @ my home. Please do not use them without permission especially the ones with my son in it. Thanks for understanding!!