Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Hibiscus centerpiece

Styling a centerpiece for a table gets so much easier and lovable when you have fresh cut flowers from your garden, isn't it? Having blooms to my plants makes me happy because that means they are happy.. I am taking good care of them.. Doing something right !! I am sure you would agree with me more if you are as emotional as me:)

Hibiscus is found in variety of colors - I have 3 plants- orange, red and pink. When we have sunshine and fresh blooms from our garden I believe there is no need to over decorate them. With hibiscus you have to enjoy them when are in full bloom since they stay open only for a day in a vase and 2 days on the plant. 
 Just putting them in a pretty vase or jar will add loads of  beauty. Just let the flowers talk. 

I used a small silver jar. It's main purpose of for sugar cubes, mouth fresheners like peppermint or other Indian ones , candies or dry foods. A Ikea candle holder plate and 
some of my wooden blocks. The bird is ceramic and looks very much real. I choose a ivory table runner. All of these things are from different countries where we lived before and have lovely memories attached to it. I don't know if it is the attached memories or just the flowers  that makes it special to me. 

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