Friday, April 18, 2014

Artist of the week: Maria Torroba

Spanish artist Maria Torroba's art is refreshing and unique. I want to share with you marvelous and visually enchanting art of this fabulous artist.  Her work is inspired by the great portraits of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. She uses unique and subtle techniques of mixed-media along with diverse range of materials and creates richly intricate works.

She creates fabulous and original new works of oil and collage, incorporating Spanish and Belgian linens, antique lace embroidered by her grandmother, ribbons, hessian,intricate silk, stamped cotton, sackcloth and even shells collected on her travels. Torroba playfully combines tradition with contemporary. She bring her characters’ garments to life and transports them to the present day. 

Marìa Torroba has developed a distinctive technique and flare preceded by her successful watercolor nature studies. Her artwork has that has taken her paintings from Spain to Mexico, to Shanghai to Argentina. 

Her work is on display at London's Stephaniehoppen Gallery. 
To admire more of her work 
do visit her website here.

Image courtesy: Maria Torroba


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