Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lets have a tea party- Vivel Patissarie,Dubai

I am a kind of a person who loves good food and is passionate about design. So when these two come together I just want to scream and shout about it! 

Vivel Patisserie in Dubai Mall is one of them. It is known for its exquisite Iranian sweets, dates chocolate and gourmet teas. Their window display is a visual treat.

Macaroons, Iranian sweets,  chocolates , dry fruits, candied dry fruits and many other delicious looking sweets arranged in towers, glass tier arrangements, in pretty jars and glass pedestal bowls. They have themed displays as per the season. This is for the spring season.

The artistic display continues inside inside as well. There are lots to see before you even think of eating the sweets:)  The gorgeous details include beautiful chandelier, the intricate gold patterns on black wall paper, wooden shelves with amazing selection of gourmet teas, various types of tea pots and colorful packaging boxes.

What I loved most is this big beautiful Arabic painting on the wall near the cozy little seating area. It immediately creates a mood - relaxing, regal, happiness and style. A tea party with dance and music, tea and sweets in Arabic setting. 

            The pastries collection includes over 200 pastries with exotic and unique flavors and shaped by hand. They have around 40 varieties of tea. Most of them are perfumed with fruits, flowers or spices. 

Facebook: Vivel Patissarie

This restaurant review is not sponsored and all the views/ opinions are mine.  

Images: 1,2,3 Vivel Facebok, 4 taken by me.(


Reshma at said...

Looks like a fun tea party! Nice clicks!

Purnima@a creative project said...

It sure is a fun place - high in calories though!!