Saturday, April 19, 2014

In my son's library: The way back home by Oliver Jeffers


My son is 26 months old and loves books(touch wood!!) The way back home is the first book of author Oliver Jeffers I have bought for him. This book is perfect for toddlers. Introduces to the world of mystery, aliens and adventure. It is a interesting tale of a little boy who finds a airplane in his cupboard. He gets stuck on the moon and meets a alien. They become friends and help each other to get back home.  It is good for introducing to the elements of universe- dark space, stars, planets, moon. It is perfect for toddlers.

What I like about this book : 

Imagination : I think toddlers world should be like this full of imagination, without the logic of real life, thinking and dreaming about the (im)possible.
Emotions: I like that the book explores many emotions like being alone, afraid, friendship, helping each other,being tired and distracted,parting with a friend and worrying if they  would see each other.
Beautiful illustrations and text: Story is told in simple watercolor illustrations and short sentences. I think toddlers lose interest if the text is too much. Also this way I can tell him more from the pictures and ask what and why questions well. It also is a good book to start reading on own for kids.Since the text is short it gives me a chance to tell / explain the story/ pictures. 
Board book: As  I said this book is perfect for 2 year olds especially in their early 2s like my son. 

What my son learns from this: 
- about planets and moon
- aliens and humans 
- airplane and UFO
- helps develop  imagination
- emotions

Questions I ask my child while/ after reading the book:
- which planet do we/ aliens live on?
- what color is planet earth and mars?
- what is the boy/ alien doing( in the picture) and why?
Which planet you like? ( its always Mars:))
- Imagine finding a airplane/ going to the moon/meeting a alien

Last but not the least, all children are different and that's the beauty of life. The views and opinions in this book review are based on my experience with my son. 


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