Monday, April 21, 2014

Where to eat in Zurich, Switzerland? Zeughauskeller - A must visit restaurant

If after living in Zurich for 4 long years if I cannot recommend you a restaurant it will be a shame. It was our favorite restaurant. We loved it for its delicious food , its decor and service. It is a traditional Swiss restaurant where you can enjoy traditional and authentic Swiss German food. 

The building was build in 1487. It was build for storing weapons and ammunition. The name Zeughas means arsenal storehouse. After the war in the Middle ages, in 1926, the weapons were gone and life became sociable. It was then the arsenal building became a restaurant- a place to enjoy- with visitors from all corners of the world. 

The restaurant has a large open space with an collection of weapons and armour suits decorating the walls. A huge anti-aircraft gun over the entrance invites you inside. One of the weapons on the wall is the William Tell's actual crossbow.

The windows are large with beautiful old style pattern. You get the view of the charming street of old town Zurich. The wooden ceiling has ornate design and chandeliers.

One of the dish on the menu is the "Mayor's Sword"- a real sword brought to the table wrapped with pork.

 The restaurant is located near Bahnhofstrasse. If you are travelling by tram, the best way is to stop at Paradeplatz and walk across Bahnhofstrasse. 

The place is always buzzing and lively. They always busy. There was always at lunch or dinner there was a queue outside. So it is best to book in advance. The service there is excellent and fast. WE have been there so many times and the food and service was always excellent. They wear traditional attire which makes it very interesting. 

Price: 50 CHF onwards
Website: Zeughauskeller

Image 1: Here All other Images taken by me@Zeughauskeller.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Purnima,
Remember Me? I am from Dallas. (lol we had talked about your sister in law being in Dallas area too). I don't know if you miss Switzerland or not but I certainly miss your posts about it a lot. May be because I have not visited it yet. Because the other places like Singapore or hongkong or Dubai.. we have lived in those places too. and initially as a new place those places felt good but after the newness fades away I did not like it much.. especially Dubai the heat was terrible. Actually texas is hot too lol. So Switzerland for me felt like a magical land which someday I would love to visit. So I am glad you posted something about it.
Take Care, Vinita

Purnima@a creative project said...

Hi Vinita!! How are you? Ofcourse I remember you!! I agree with you these cities are small without much to see/ travel nearby.. I mean on a drivable distance. So yes one can get tried of them after a while. Nice to hear from you!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow it must make for quite an experience!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Hi Camila!! Nice to see you here!! It is a fantastic place ..always buzzing with people and culture!!