Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If table vignettes could talk..

Sharing with you some table vignettes I saw at a hotel in Dubai..I loved them and thought you would them as well.. So here I am sharing these with you all!!!

Here's what I love about the arrangement ...I love the mix of cultures..Arabic lantern, Christmas ornaments, Chinese orchids and Indian roses all popping out of a treasure box!!! Well honestly I feel that's what Dubai is ..a melting pot of different cultures!!! 

A centerpiece or a vignette or a table arrangement can express so much, isn't it? Tell you so much about the person who created it (or like in this case for whom it was created)..So much about the person's likes/dislikes, mindset, personality and priorities... I believe most people are honest when it comes to decorating their house even the ones who have barely decorated their pads..Tells if the person is lazy, artistic, style queen, over enthusiast decorator or a hypocrite; 

I have been to so many people's home and without even discussing about anything personal just by looking at the photos, book collection, vignettes I knew so much about that person.. Have you felt like that before when you visited someone? What do your table vignettes speak of ?!!

Images taken by me @Atlantis ,The Palm,Dubai and subject to copyright!!

2 comments: said...

How interesting! I would love to visit Dubai!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Definitely.. I am sure you will love it!!