Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pen stand makeover

I have collected a lot of pens over the years..oddly enough is the fact that they have lasted for years and several of our moves!! Ironically shows how little we use the pens for writing since computer and phones do most of their work for us..  

So in our house pens were mostly for display !! So I thought why not add a little charm to them!!!

I believe adding a little charm / beauty to neglected items in the house makes them more desirable for use .. And indeed it's being successful. So here's what I did the trick ..
I included them as a part of the decor placing them in the front line instead of hiding them as some ugly messy item. 

I had painted a ceramic milk pot some years ago with paisleys. Kept all the eye sour, ordinary pens in it . Then I placed two pencils with heads/ covers made of two beautifully detailed traditionally dressed festive Indian couple .. Instant makeover!! 

Downstairs in the living room I kept the pens in a flower pot holder along with a Satay fan and another pair pencils with covers made of the Indian dancing couple!!

Since this makeover of the pen stand I must admit we both have been using the pens more than often..

Do you have any neglected items in your house .. Bring them out .. Decorate/ rearrange / prettify them and see how you will be naturally drawn to them!!

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Images taken by me@home and subject to copyright ! 


kala said...

OMG this is a super Coolll ideaa!!!!

Shru said...

super cute.... how did u make the dolls dear... is there any tutorial for it

kebhari said...

Nice pen stands maker. I like it.

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Diana Crasta Interiors said...

what a wonderful idea...!!...The idea just clicked...:)

Anonymous said...

Is there any tutorial how to make these little cutie dolls please??