Friday, July 26, 2013

New painting: Daddy Lion and Baby Lion

After a sabbatical of nearly 6 months I have started painting again..It feels so good as if I got my wings back..

So readers, Sharing with you my new painting" Daddy I luv you" ..

I started working on this one in the middle of the night when suddenly I had an inspiration to draw and paint..

I worked on it slowly whenever my son slept.. Now he does not sleep longer hours in the afternoon as he did when he was a baby and also at night he makes sure that we both sleep and then only he you know the work goes on slowly..

These pictures I took at night when I got the idea to make these glittery bubbles on the paintings.. 

Another picture I took that night ..oh they look so pretty in real !!! After it was done completely to my satisfaction I showed it to him.. He just loved it.. I clicked some pics while he was admiring Daddy lion and baby lion..

His appreciation is the biggest compliment to me!
Here are the pictures of the finished painting..


Some more angels..


It took a few weeks to complete!! I am happy with it!!


Renee! said...

Oh so cute! I can't wait to see more... I just joined your blog network and would love it if you'd follow me too!
Stopping in from PPF to say hello...
have an artful weekend!
Renee xoxo

Netty said...

loving your cute painting, lovely and colourful, Happy PPF, Annette x

Giggles said...

So glad you're back this is soooooo adorable beyond words...of course he love it....I do too!! You should get cards made up for future kids parties!

Hugs Giggles

Julie said...

so sweet! great sketch and painting! love the special touch of the bubbles!

notyet100 said...

So cute :)

SAMARA said...

Oh Purnima, I love your story - and that you paint while your son is asleep and that ultimately, you gave this to your son. Watching him hold it can make a mommy cry! It is totally precious what you have done. Praise G-d that you started to paint again. Congratulations and welcome back. HeArtfully and a big hug! Samara HPPF

Reshma at said...

How truly adorable! Love the colours and the beautiful picture of your munchkin and art!

bellefrogworks said...

Totally sweet and colorful!

Vasudha Somayaji said...

So lovely..

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thank you so much loveley ladies for the encouragement and the appreciation!! It means a lot to me!!

Unknown said...

Your painting is amazing and you use the several colors in your paintings which is really ye catching.

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