Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year end wrap up!!!!

As the year comes to an end I would like to share with you some of the table settings I did this year which are my favorites and I enjoyed the doing them the most. 
All of the table setting and decorations I did using whatever I had available at home, from my travels and collections ,by quick DIY ,up cycling and restyling items...and didn't break my piggy bank just for a party(lol) 

Global cuisine

My husband loves fondue and this fondue party was blue and white themed..
simple and pretty..

I enjoyed this one ..mainly the white decor.. It magically made us feel on a dull rainy day as if we are not at home but in a fine restaurant!!

 Indian themed party:

I totally enjoyed this one.. I think my pretty pink silk duppata/scarf dazzled the table .. It looked so gorgeous.. Click here to see more pics of the party!!

Doing this one was very therapeutic for me.. One of my best carved watermelon so far..It was a lantern.. Click here to see more pics of it how it glowed at night!!!

I must have created almost 10 or so centerpieces for the festival of lights.. I used everything  I had that was related or matched the Indian theme... copper bowls, clay lights, marigolds, lotus!!!

This post was in continuity with the above post.. I did so many centerpieces that I had to divide and share the centerpieces in three different posts..  Click here to see more of this post!!

and some more Indian themed decorations in continuity with the two posts above.. If you need some inspiration for Indian themed party or decor ideas I think there is ample here:)

Now let's move on to some fall table decor I had done:

I did this one using spices like nutmeg,cinnamon sticks, pine cones and wooden coasters.. I used as much natural items as I could..

Cherishing the fine memories of collecting pine cones in Zürich..

 I used the fruits available at home to create an instant and easy it encourages healthy eating know when you just want to snack..why not eat a fruit!!

Some of the summer themed table setting I did:

This is one I enjoyed the most..making marzipan slippers, origami boats, collecting stones ..It is always fun digging into my things to look for something matches the theme..

with alpine flowers and recycled tins.. the best part I enjoyed was tying the napkin with cord with flowers.. It looked very pretty!!

I enjoyed doing this table decor with recycled glass bottles with doily necks .. one of those days when I didn't think any of the decor items at home matched the theme  made it myself.. also enjoyed the cupcakes and the part which I never told anyone ..It was for my Birthday!!

Now for some tea:

I made this quick fix 3 three tiered cupcake stand .. I enjoyed this one was simple and open..

I loved my apartment in Switzerland.. the best one we have lived in ever..I have lot of fond memories of that one ..It was on lake Zurich and we enjoyed living there!!

Next year I hope to have more parties, decorate and redecorate my house... hopefully my brain will come up with some more creative DIY ideas... and I want to make more friends in Bloggyland..hope to inspire and be inspired!!!

Here's wishing you all a very very happyprosperous and successful new year!!!


Smita Srivastava said...

A very Happy new year to you n ur family Poornima. Love the roundup of ur beautiful table settings .. truly a visual treat !!!

Sound Horn Please said...

Absolutely LOVED this post Purnima. Lovely round up. It was nice seeing all the lovely table decor on 1 page :) I love your eye for beautiful things!

SV said...

Everything in your blog is beautiful! I loved your Apartment in Zurich.

Madera y Zinc said...

wow....nice tables!

Have a fantastic entry for the new year!

Madera y Zinc said...

And I love fondues too.....a lot! :D

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Hi..I love all of your beautiful table settings! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to visiting more in the new year!