Friday, July 2, 2010

Indian themed table decor..

Decorating your dining table according to a theme not only creates an ambience but also makes eating with family and friends a relaxing and memorable experience.. So if you inviting friends or just having dinner with family, doing small changes to the decor of the table can change your mood ..

Recently I had some friends over for a Indian dinner...obviously the table decor had a Indian theme..I had asked my guest to wear something Indian.. I searched my house for the stuff that I can use to decorate according to the theme..

To drape my table I used one of my never used dupatta..(click here to see more info.)...Wikipedia calls it a long multi purpose scarf for some reason right;) it is assigned to work as a table cloth forever.. I love its color and the golden embroidered border..

Table decor

As the centerpiece I used a wooden round tray with a big fragrant candle and some pebbles in it.. I coiled lotus flower and its leaf around the candle.. Lined up some diyas( Indian style candles) in the center..

Indian themed dinner table

I used silk golden placemats... For the men I kept a clay leaf made by me sometime back and for the ladies I used  a lotus candle ... 

Polished the crystal and the cutlery till I could see my face in it..hahaha.....Warmed up the curries and the bread...and talked,wined, laughed and we didn't even know when the evening ended...

I loved setting the table..doing the table presentation..I want to do it again..This time I am thinking of sea/ beach theme..!!

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Rasika said...

Looks beautiful, Pea!! Well done :-)

Julie said...

Hey, Pea...I did not know this was you (obviously, since I introduced myself to you on this blog...LOL). Isn't it funny that I found you again on this new blog!!! I had to laugh when I realized it! :)

I LOVE your table here! So beautiful...and the pink is just devine! I love how you used your leaves you had made too!!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Rasika:)
Thanks Julie:) Its new me..I have developed this new passion for many beautiful and creative things I wanted something fresh and new to start with:))

Rekha said...

Lovely setting Purnima, thanks for letting us know about your blog.We have added your to our list. Happy blogging!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Rekha!! Very sweet of you!! Happy Blogging to you too!!

marianne said...

Oh my..... this looks sooooo beautiful!
How tasteful, nearly to beautiful to use

Hope your dinner was as fabulous as the decorations

Anonymous said...

Purnima... your blog is soooooooooooooo beautiful.. and so is this table.. cloth & the dekor... I'm so pleased to have found you!!

Asma said...

totally love how you set the table and the dupata is so pretty :) wonders why its never been used .. the border on dupata is set just right for the table :)

love the creativity

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Marianne, we had a fab time.
Thanks Patricia, same here!!
Thanks Asma! I wear mostly western dresses time to wear Indian dresses:(

SV said...

Hi Purnima,
Your table decor ideas are inspiring!I loved the Indian theme!