Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Floating flowers centerpiece

Flowers can add pizzazz to any room instantly with ease. Although I make and believe in proper floral arrangements with perfect shape using florist foam and suitable vase. You can see the several floral arrangements I have done till date here. There are times when I just want to take it easy plus I have some flowers fallen from the stems( How we hate seeing that). It is those times when floating flowers seems to be the easiest way out.  Floating flowers in a bowl or uruli are one of the easiest way to instantly perk up decor.

One can use different combinations of store bought or home grown flowers and make a striking floral designs. It goes well with traditional Indian decor for a India themed or Bollywood themed party.  These metal bowl called uruli are traditionally used for cooking of which I have no connection left ( just kidding) This arrangement looks good outdoors and indoors as well. Many resorts and restaurants even spas incorporate these to create a traditional welcoming effect.

I have some orchids and roses in the uruli with two of my candle holders doing a part time job of single flower vase:)

Image taken by me@home.

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