Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring/summer table decor

Spring/ early summer is the time which brings not only happiness, flowers, colors along but also it is also for socializing, meeting friends, parties. We had first guests of this season.  We had guests this weekend so I decked up the dining table. 

I made a flower arrangement in a milk jug, Nothing much!! The flowers looked pretty as it is. We had a cheese platter to go with the drinks. I brought out the small sized cheese cutting board. It usually does the job of looking pretty in the glass cabinet;)

I took the pictures in a hurry as I was running late. We were odd numbered adults so I placed 3 on one side and 2 on other.  Guess where my 2 year old sits - always on the narrow side where usually the head of family sits:) now you know who calls the shots here..Haha!!

For the first time, I made the main & dessert recipes with wonderful recipes I found on internet. I am so glad it all turned out amazingly good.  We had spiced tofu and mozzarella cheese skewers for starter, barbecued Salmon with couscous and arugula salad. For dessert we had delicious and sumptuous fruit salad ( perfect after a hearty meal) 


Reshma at said...

A very pretty flower decor and table ! In my part of the world, its still so cold and chilly!

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Beautiful flower arrangement, and love that cheese platter!

Julie said...

Love the elephant table runner!!! The floral arrangement is gorgeous! Love that adorable cheese board. Your dinner sounded wonderful...wowzers!!!
xoxo- Julie