Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Review: Sudha Murthy's Grandma's bag of stories

While browsing through hundreds of children's books one title caught my attention
 " Grandma's Bag of stories"

After losing my mother a few months back the thought that my son is never going to know his sweet , kind and loving aaji( grandma) has been haunting was then that I found Sudha Murthy's book ...This book completely lives upto its name..The narration is so beautiful that even adults feel compelled and curious to know about what will happen in the story next. .it is as if aaji is speaking directly to you. ..The stories are  new,fresh,uncommon and have a moral and are meaningful..The sketches in the book are pretty with big eyes the idea of keeping the sketches only few in numbers and monochromatic. .

The stories are short ,easy to read and can be narrated to young ones like bedtime stories..reading it reminds me of the childhood stories my mother read/told me..

 I have great respect for Sudha Murthy and this book has given my son a story telling aaji ...
cannot wait to get my hands over the other titles written by the author!!

Image credit: Taken by me and copyrighted to A creative project. 

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