Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recycled Desert garden

Some pictures of recycled desert garden from my home ..

Recycled a old rack meant for drying utensils.. It now serves as a ladder for my little gnome..eventually i want to make stories from these small features for my son..and the wooden planks on which the pot is standing are from my son's diaper changing table which he no longer uses..

Recycled a old pan as a bird bath...the laughing dove who frequently visits the garden loves to munch on the bird seed in the tray and enjoys the bird bath..

Solar lights hanging over the sitting area .. These yellow and blue ones are from Ikea.. Some terrecotta lanterns I got from India arranged on the table.. My hibiscus is loving the hot weather .. One bears pink and other one has red flowers.. 

The view of the enigmatic and stunning  burg Kalifa - the largest building in the world from my garden!!! At night we get to see the famous dancing fountains from the comfort of our home.. 

All pictures taken by me @ my home . 

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