Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Recycle craft: Minion

I did this craft with sunny boy last year when he was 2. 7 mnths old....I always ask Avaneesh what does ' something' looks like to increase his imagination. The yellow egg from the surprise chocolate egg looks like a Minion. He keeps calling that yellow egg a minion so I told him that we will make it a minion with it. He was excited ..".Minion how will we make one out of this" he asked. I was excited too as I find Minions adorable as well. actually everyone finds them cute..isnt it?!! 

All that is needed to make is a inside case/egg of surprise chocolate egg ,black felt strip, googly eyes , blue felt or paper and glue. I cut out parts and he glued it in place. Googly eyes were his favorite part of this craft activity. 

Sunny boy ( now 3.6 ) is over it and doesnot even like the kinder or surprise eggs.. but I still find  it cute so I thought of sharing it with you all!!! 

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