Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Diwali centerpiece: Create a medley of colors and lights

Hi everyone!! Sharing with you all some Diwali centerpieces I create a few days back. We usually like to relax and sit in the living room chit chatting, watching the flickering, twinkling lights of the diya, reminiscing our memories of Diwali in our childhood, relishing the sweets and Diwali faral. 
This time now that our son is 2 so we tell him about the stories about Diwali. We have some crackers as well- sparklers and a few noise free/ less noisy crackers. 
This is probably more or less similar tradition in many families.
So the dining table is more or less not used. But don't forget to deck it. 

You can deck it up with a plate of diya or elaborately with a spread of diyas and lanterns. Create a unique arrangement, mix lanterns/ candle holders - old and new, metal and glass, Indian and Moroccan like in my case. 

Create a medley and enjoy the colors, bling and lights!

Images taken @home by me.

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A Sunny Yellow Window said...

The pinks and oranges go awesome with the nude shades of the runner and drapes. Reminds me of a few wedding pictures I saw with the bride, groom and the family in this color combo :-) Looks regal!