Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bohomian bathroom

While decorating bathrooms most of us go for a safe style with white or lighter shades.  I too prefer neutral colors in the bathroom with a little touch of glitter - silver or gold here and there. Completely contrast to the popular norm is this bathroom I am going to share with you.  It is a Bohemian style home with a complete Boho style bathroom - splendid vibrant colors that will leave you spellbound. 

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This house belongs to Mareike Scharmer and on her blog she gives you detailed tutorial how she made the mosaic on the bathroom sink vanity table . She also takes workshops in Germany. 

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The walls are painted with bright turquoise, yellow, orange, green. Decorated with mosaic, beads etc. Attention to detail is incredible. She has made most of things herself. You have see the unique toilet paper holder made by her.

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See all entire bathroom pictures with remodeling process here.
This is quite a eye opener. I am not adventurous enough to go for an all in all Boho colorful look for any of the bathrooms in my  house. But this one has made me thinking adding colorful accessories in the bathroom might actually work!!

All pictures belong to Mareike scharmer  and are subject to copyright.


Giggles said...

Now that is a happy bathroom!! I have a colorful bohemian style powder room not quite as busy as this...but everyone loves it....turquoise....purple and apple green..

Very pretty bathroom... I love all the interesting things to look at!

Hugs Giggles

Purnima@a creative project said...

Wow that's so cool!! Would live to see yours too!! Do share some pictures!!

PurpleRickshaw said...

The mirror is gorgeous..I think I should experiment with colors at least in the toilet.lol

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

:)) this is wonderland, and I'd pretend to be Alice if I'm here! So cheery!