Sunday, March 9, 2014

A day at the park

We are trying to make most of the last days of winter. In this part of the world the winter is the best season and the summer is horrible like living in a hot oven. So everyday I take my little one to play on lush green grass in parks and playgrounds. Some times I take him to Safa park in Dubai.

It is a beautiful big park with ponds,lakes, green hills, water features like waterfall and fountains. 

Play area for kids with ferry wheel, slides etc. There is boating allowed as well in the lakes.  It is incredible how well maintained the park is in middle of the dessert. While Daddy( DH) goes to Office, mommy( me) and my toddler take the mat, toys and lay there under a tree near the water for hours. I watch the birds and listen to the calming sound of falling water while my son plays around chasing the birds and pushing his pram/ cycle down/ up the hill.

The real fun for my 2 year old is watch the ducks march and feed them. we also see lots of different species of birds.. colorful, big and small, solitary or in groups. 

The park also provides some stunning views of the Dubai Skyline. ( burj Kalifa - the tallest building in world on left most and the tallest hotel in world on right) 

On week days the park is bit quiet. On weekends this park has a market for organic and home grown for fruits and vegetables . This place is full packed on weekends with picnickers. 

If you are in Dubai you should definitely visit this beautiful park. 

Images taken by me @ Safa Park, Dubai. Subject to copyright. Please donot use them especially of my son without permission. 

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