Saturday, January 18, 2014

Organize: How to hide the cables/ router

With the increasing number of gadget dependency in our lives, there is an increase in the mess of the wires as well. Till the day someone invents wireless electricity( is that even possible?!!) we will have keep on finding solutions and hiding those ugly cables.

I don't like the site of the ugly tangled up bundle of cables at all. I hide them behind the cupboard and paintings. This way they do stay hidden but well I won't say very well organized. 

The other day I found some brilliant,practical and good looking DIYs for the cable issue.  The basic idea behind them is - "Just box it!! "

                                                                           Courtesy:country living mag

A charging station: All you need is a shoe box, pretty paper/s to cover the box, a basic driller , cutter etc. Keep all gadgets in one place while keeping their wires organized plus it is easy to add a new hole for a new gadget. Get the step by step tutorial here.

                                                                       Courtesy:  Sewing barefoot 

I hide my router behind a photo frame. I invested in a good looking, sleek one by Asus as well. If i had seen this idea i would could have saved the money and used the older simpler one..absolutely genius idea!! Check out entire tutorial here.

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