Monday, January 20, 2014

Fresh hues from the garden

I recently brought a bougainvillea for my garden. I totally fell in love with the vibrant colors of bougainvillea in the garden shop.. Beautiful pink , purple, red .. They could any day cheer up our spirits.. 

After I re potted it in a bigger pot some of its leaves fell out and they looked so beautiful to me that I had to bring them inside and let them live a bit longer. I hate to pluck flowers from my garden. I feel they live longer on the plants plus that brings  the birds to the garden. My son loves seeing the birds - mynas, woodpecker, colorful small birds and pigeons. I love them too .. Makes living in a desert so much better.

Coming back to the bougainvilleas.. I kept them in my wine glass holder. I had found it in a flea market when we lived in Zurich. A young man was selling his late Mom's belonging( sad isnt it !! hate when youngsters do that) He said belonged to her for 20 odd years. 

I simply love giving giving new life to old yet beautiful items.

Images taken by me @ my home. Subject to copyright. 

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