Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baking activity for toddlers

Hello everyone!! Wish you all a very happy New Year!! The last month of 2013 past by really fast. Me and my little one did lots of fun activities together.  He is really crazy about everything related to Christmas. Good for us there were a lot of fun fairs, Christmas markets and Christmas parties here in Dubai. They even had artificial snowfall at fairs and market which I think everyone from old to young enjoyed. One such Christmas market had a workshop for kids to make or/and decorate gingerbread cookies and houses organized by French Bakery. My son is too young for that I thought. He was 22 months in Dec 2013. But since he really loves to watch Maisy bake gingerbread i began to plan in mind a baking fun activity with him. So one morning when he was telling me how to make a gingerbread, I thought he is just ready for baking. 

1) I gave him a steel bowl with 3 eggs in it. He was super happy and roamed all over in admiration.
2) then I let him break the eggs under my supervision. 

3) then he whisked the eggs.. Round and round. I let till he was satisfied. Then dropped the flour and other things in it. Again the mixing went on. Before pouring it in the pan I whisked it again.

3) then he poured it in the pan.. Yes he dropped it here and there. He had fun.
4) then I put it in the oven. I keep him away from oven and stove.

5) he admired his creations after they cooled down. 
6) then we drew designs on it. I held his hand while doing it.

Voila that's it!! It tasted amazing. Out of this world.

After this we have baked 2 more cakes and gingerbread man cookies. He loves the idea of putting things together and then it forms a shape that everyone eats. 

Some tips if you are planning such a activity:

Safety first: Keep all sharp objects away from his reach. Operate oven and blender by myself. 

Planning or not:  Let this activity be impromptu, unplanned when your enthusiasm is at high and the little one is also in the mood to 'create' or 'make ' something. 

Enjoy: Don't stress too much about the mess they would create. 

Role playing: Two  roles I let him play in our baking activities are either 
Assistant: Make him your assistant and tell him to get/ keep things, mix or pour.
Master chef- in-training: Give instructions and help/intervene/ a bit but not too much.

Be a role model: I have learned that Children learn a activity  when they watch their mother/ father doing it and enjoying it. 

Above all not to forget. All children are different and that's the beauty of life.

All images taken by me@ home. Please do not copy without permission.


Reshma at masalamangomantra.blogspot.com said...

How adorable your son! I have 2 young daughters and I know how much a riot it is to bake with them. Thanks for sharing and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Reshma!! It's fun isn't it.. Cooking baking with kids!!

AndHra recIpe said...

Hi ... This is one of the recipe which came out well and tasted great. The cake looks amazing.