Monday, December 16, 2013

Thai table decor

We just came back from a 5 day holiday in Bangkok, Thailand. I had heard about beautiful Thailand for long ..not only about the natural, historical, handicraft beauty but the beauty of its culture, decor and aesthetics. Well, Thailand turned out to be more beautiful in all ways many times better than I had imagined. 

Although we have moved and traveled around quite a bit around the globe with my 20 month old but this was the first time we traveled at night. As you could imagine we both spend the night sleepless and stressed. So when we reached our hotel we were so happy and instantly felt relaxed when we were greeted with a wrist garland of fresh heavenly smelling jasmine and orchids. 

Then we were whisked to our room with an escort..We stepped into a beautiful colonial style room with a view of the river. The room was decorated with lovely orchids of varied colors .. pink and white blooms in a big vase in the entrance, white orchid plant in the bathroom, yellow orchid flowers in the sitting room, purple in small vase in the bedroom. 

A big platter of fresh tropical fruits was on the center table which had the juiciest fruits of the season which we all relished every day.. I just loved the arrangement!!  I am so glad that my son never spoils the table arrangements.. 

The teak wood tray had  hand made ceramic plates ,gold (-plated!) cutlery, a bowl with a floating orchid , nicely rolled white napkins and a sweet little note..

Soon a waiter rushed in with a welcome drink .delicious blend of aromaticand refreshing   lemon grass, tea,sugar, mint a combination!!!!

I was very impressed by Thai hospitality and warmth. 

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