Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer cake

Summer is at its peak here.. What better way to celebrate it than to bake a cake..So I went to the mall the other day and found a beautiful sunflower shaped cake mould..I tried to resist buying it but alas I couldn't. So I went ahead and bought the rest of the ingredients.. Then waited for a perfect opportunity to bake it in the afternoon when my 4 month old went to sleep..

cake for summer, summer cake, lemon cake

This is a lemon cake .. I didn't use fresh lemons and instead of butter used vegetable oil..The result was yummy!! It came out spongy and soft.

lemon cake, cake for summer, summer cake

Lovely surprise for my hubby ..served it with hot chai!! 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend &
have a great week ahead!!


notyet100 said...

Cake looks gorgeous,..:)

Lynn said...

Your new cake pan is beautiful! The cake looks great:@)

Unknown said...


What a fun cake. Years ago my mother in law gave me a flower cake pan, and it never fails to impress.

I followed you over from the Homemaker on a Dime linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

Thanks for sharing,

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Purnima your cake pan is very nice and cake looks so yumm. Sometimes I wonder how you manage to do lot of things with such a small baby.

Vrinda said...

The cake looks yummyyyy....

Aarti Badamikar said...

looks yummy... and im sure it tastes awesome! :)

Emreen said...

You did the right thing by buying that cake mould... The cake looks really very impressive...!!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thank you lovely ladies for the encouragement!!