Thursday, June 14, 2012

Floral arrangements

Today I am sharing with you some fantastic floral decorations in some of the top hotels in Singapore and Hong Kong. They are quite easy and longer lasting .. at the same time they look so elegant and extraordinary!! 

The first two are from Marina Mandarin , Singapore.

Tall oriental centerpiece

Raffia/ twine balls
Tall vase
Horizontal floral arrangement

In a tall vase put dry branches.. put some raffia balls on it.. In front of the vase keep a horizontal floral arrangement.

perfect to make a statement and also to break the monotony of the room..

Tea light centerpiece

You will need: 
A branch of rose and some extra flowers..
Glass or Tea light holder
Raffia or twine

Tie a raffia or twine around a tea light holder..Pluck the leaves and fix them around the holder. Fix the rose and some extra flowers as well..

can be perfect for centerpiece for a small table(solo) or a large table(in a row) formal dinner/function or even wedding..

The next two are from Intercontinental, HongKong

Dry floral centerpiece

You will need a cactus or succulent like lotus cactus.( I don't know what is the name of this one...if you know do let me know)
A few long leaves
square vase

Put some pebbles at the bottom of the vase ..fill with little water and keep the cactus in it..Decorate with the leaves

will look perfect in a contemporary table setting.

 Tall roses centerpiece

You will need:
Tall vase
Roses with long stems
Banana leaves

First make the vase stable by supporting it with a thicker bamboo. Thread 5-7 thin bamboo in a row like fashion with a twine at the top, middle and bottom with the thicker one. Fill the vase with water. Make a bouquet of 50 roses. Cover  the stems with banana leaf. Fix them in the vase.

Next ones are from Shangri la, Hong Kong

Orchid centerpiece

You will need:

Dry branches
Test tubes
florist wire 
pebbles and flat deep dish

Fix the branches in a row in the florist foam..Arrange pebbles over it..Fill test tubes with water and put a Orchid flower in it. Tie these to the branches at different levels with florist wire.

This will look pretty in the entrance or in front front of a plain wall.

Twin floral arrangement

You will need:
Similar looking two vase 
Long palm leaves

Fill the vase with hydrangeas and then just arrange palm leaves to create a continuous look

Floral teddy bear

For this one you will need a lot of florist foam and then shape it in a teddy shape. Keep on pushing flowers in it until you have completely filled it up. I would love to make this one for children's party or valentines day ...although not sure where to find this big sized florist foam:)

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Preet said...

Fabulous arrangements!!

Emreen said...

Fab arrangements... I think the orchid arrangement is done in Ikebana form... !!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Preet and Emreen!! @Emreen you are right!!Thanks!

saheli said...

cool arrangements....lik the haydrangea much

Bellevue flowers said...

Very cool! The giant bear made of flowers is a hoot!