Monday, March 12, 2012

WIP: lady with a parrot..

My baby is now 6 weeks old. I am adjusting to the new role of Mom smoothly. With the baby every day I learn something new, something new happens and I do something for the first time..unlike earlier when it was like same day every day:)) I have realized that finding time and energy to paint and be creative is not as difficult as I had thought earlier. I find it very relaxing!! So one evening when the baby was sleeping I enlarged this small sketch I had made in 2010...

 I am painting it with water colors.. mainly because water colors are easy to work with as I have limited time on my hands..


It is fun to play with the baby , to see him make bubbles, when he coos and the precious smiles..Even when he is sleeping I feel like looking at him for hours..Thats the reason why I haven't being able to finish this painting..

In 6 weeks I have become expert in swaddling and he has become a expert in successfully coming out of the swaddle in a minute or less:)
Now I bathe the baby alone without any help and it is fun bonding time for both of us. 
My baby loves to look for hours of his playtime(which is at midnight:)) at my great Buddha painting which is hanging over our bed .. I think is big compliment:))
 His interest in my painting makes me dream and make plans to teach him painting and creative things in a year or two:)

will share the finished version of this sketch soon..
Till then..


notyet100 said...

Ya it's true,now everyday will be new for you :) sketch looks so good,..

theartandcraftgallery said...

Hello new mommy,

Painting looks great.... you are doing very well to get such time within 6 weeks of arrival of the baby... it took me 20 months to manage that :D

Keep it up

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

I like the way its shaping up, would love to see the completed one! And have fun parenting :)

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks ladies!! You all are so sweet!!!