Monday, February 20, 2012

Colorful Singapore

Hello friends.. remember last time I took you on a stroll through the charming old Singapore. Recently while on our way to a newly opened mall we happened to pass through Joo Chiat road/ Katong. We were delighted by the view of  the colorful heritage buildings on the narrow street.  

 This area is dotted by multicolored shop houses and homes that are decorated by sculpted facades of animal reliefs , floral curlicues and hand-crafted ceramic tiles. 

Along the street are traditional Peranakan shophouses build around 1920-30. There are many old coffee shops and cafes. This area is also  well known for local delicacies. 

Formerly this are was near  the sea shore before the land was reclaimed. Notice the lovely colors and the architectural style.

                             We have never been to any of these cafes but from what I hear from friends who have visited some of the tea houses and coffee shops, the interior is  as splendid as the exterior with tall ceilings, ornate chandeliers and  fixtures.

This gorgeous red building is (if I am not wrong) a community center. The golden ornate design on the windows and grills makes it look so festive and glamorous. 


notyet100 said...

That red building looks so good,,

Vrinda said...

I like those windows painted in Green... Hope we find such colors here in India as well. Here the most common colors are White and cream.

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