Friday, October 15, 2010

Sun & Sand

The East Coast park in Singapore is build on reclaimed land and has a man made beach.. The beach has lot of trees, BBQ pits, food and entertainment facilities,sports activities ..It was a  cloudy, breezy and pleasant day. On weekend it is a favorite picnic area for families and friends. It also famous for its variety of seafood.


Do you see the big ships bee line near the port...

Sky through leaves

We sat under a tree in shade on the sand looking at the beautiful blue sea and blue sky...


That's the shapely curvy tree we sat under..We did swing on it.. but it didn't bend because of us..just for the

sand and leaves

The breeze brought the loose autumn leaves floating down..

sand play

I made some zen sand art with the twigs.. 


Pretty flowers had dropped everywhere from the trees around...

sea sports

Some water sports enthusiatist were having lot of fun and everyone was watching them with awe at the ease they seemed to be doing the stunts..

The bench

We watched the daredevil go far far inside and turn just before the ships ..

Coconut water

We sipped coconut water while relaxing on the sand under the cool tree makes it all so perfect.. 

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Ebie said...

Everything looks so cool and refreshing! Love the colors of the sand! Lovely day to be outdoors!

MaR said...

Beautiful scenery, what a fun day!
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notyet100 said...

even iluv east coast park,..:-)

Lakshmi said...

nice shots - definitely on my agenda

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Ebie,Mar,notyet100,Lakshmi!!