Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spice up your party with easy Paper Cones...

A paper cone is very easy to make..functional..multi purpose too..Small projects can give immense joy and satisfaction.. This one is of that kind ..It is so easy that even kids can do this..

Eating fruits can be a fun thing.. Make paper cones and fill them with fruits like cherries,strawberries,  grapes etc ..even dry fruits like raisins...  Thats it ..

They are easy to hold, carry, recycle after done and priceless(literally..hehhee)
These fruit or candy filled in paper cones can be great idea for treats for kids party..

Spice it up

Paper cones for movie night party..I made these recently for me and hubby ...Did you notice the heart shape the cones are making in the picture..heeheee

I made the paper cones with wrapping paper .. Filled it with popcorn.. Simple ... easy to refill and perfect for the occasion....!!!

Let's see how to make them..
For these paper cones you will need gift wrap or decorative paper, scissors, tape, candy/popcorn/fruits/treats to fill the cone

1. Roll the paper into a cone
2. glue..tape as and where needed(sides and end)
3. Fill it with treats
5. Accessorize them with ribbons/paper flowers
4. Keep them standing in a big bowl or jar
see below ho to personalize them..

                                                                                                                      pic courtesy: Martha Stewart 

You have to see what Martha does with paper cones..whimsical cones standing in a galvanized tray as wedding favors.. See here how to make these!!

                                 pic courtesy: Martha Stewart 

Victorian-style paper cones stuffed with wrapped chocolates... They look so stylish..don't they!!  See how to make them here...!!!

Personalize it:

If you are making these paper cones for a party.. you can write initial letter of your guests name on the inside of the top opening of the cone..So they know which one to pick and is personalized .. They love you for that...!!!!

                                                            pic courtesy:Beau Coup

 If you looking for how to make a paper cone..  I cut a squarish paper and roll it inside from center into a cone and stitch it with tape.. But for a perfect look click here to see how to make one.. 

Enjoy !!!


Emreen said...


Nice post... Ur table decors are just amazing.... !! keep going !! );-) ;-


Regina said...

Wow great idea.
Happy weekend.

♥ Regina

Unknown said...

That's a cool idea to perk up the decor....I am here to invite you to be a part of the September blog carnival hosted by us...will be glad if you can make it.- rekha

Smita Srivastava said...

Thats a lovely idea ...

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks Emreen, Regina, Rekha and Smita!!

notyet100 said...

such nice links,..tnks,..

Recaptured Charm said...

So many uses for these! They're adorable.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Thanks notyet100, Lisa!!

GB said...

I love this idea! Neat, festive, cheap and upcycled! what else can ove ask for! :)