Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let us continue the festivities..

Last week this day ,the house was filled with the fragrance of flowers and incense sticks. In the evening, warm glow from the tiny diyas spread happiness and love in every corner .Their flames danced in the cool breeze. Akashkandil -paper lantern, diyas and the twinkling string of led lights dazzled the outdoors. Rangoli designs were made by sprinkling the white powder all over and making designs in a heap of powder with 2 year old insisting on 'helping' me. My son's eyes gleamed with joy to see the shapes we made with the sparklers.   

After day 3 of Diwali, some flowers in the garlands began to dry.. became dull, brownish. It is then when you realize that the festival will soon be over. How we wish that it would last a bit longer, isn't it? The festival won't but what I would like very much is for the decorations and euphoria of the festivities to continue a bit longer. I hate to remove the decorations down so early but then I had to save the ones which are still so much alive and happy.. 

Let them spread the love and joy.. So I took down all the garlands, cut the string and sort out the better ones. You can make this with fresh flowers as well. 
Take a slightly deep dish and fill it with just enough water to dip the stem of the flower. This helps to keep them fresh for many days even week(s) additionally it looks good from aesthetic point of view. This vase is a heirloom .. Belonged to my grandparents.. I was so happy when my father gave it to me.

 As for now I am happy that I get to enjoy the flowers , cherish the memories and continue the festivities. They make a good centerpiece as well!! This centerpiece can be good for India themed party or Indian wedding. 

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