Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween DIY treat bag ideas

Halloween is just around the corner - just a few days away. Here are some last minute , easy to make DIY ideas with free printable and a tutorial as well. Halloween treat bags are a must. Instead of just handing out the candies or cookies , lets personalize them, make it extra special for the little ones- something different ..something unique..something thoughtful !!! My son is invited to a Halloween party and we are super excited. I really want to make a treat bag which they will remember and say" That lady is so amazingly  creative"..Hahhaaa.
Avaneesh's mom is so cool..LoL

So lets look at the round up of ideas.. 

This is a  Halloween party invitation but I think it will look good as a treat box. You can see the tutorial and download the printable from do-it-yourselves invitations. Instead of "You're invited ", print BOO or happy Halloween label.

Another cute Halloween treat bag idea !! These are mummy, pumpkin, Frankenstein and vampire free printable. Just print on paper and have to roll into cones. So simple and so adorable!! Free printable and tutorial can be found on like a pretty putinia.

Something homemade creative to fill the treat bag ..... If you have time on hand and if you find these cute little knifes, give bleeding red velvet truffles a try. Get the recipe from Cookies and cups.

My son loves gingerbread man. This ginger bread skeleton is a new twist to the traditional story. Make the gingerbread man cookie and make the skeleton on it with royal icing !! 
This is from Martha Stewart

Some last minute decorations for your front door. These Lanterns are super easy to make with paper cups and led lights. See Australian baby blog for the tutorial.

If you want to make a family dinner Halloween menu, this is tomato and mascarpone soup with witches broom dippers are perfect starter. I found it in a local grocery shop - Spinneys.  
You can get the recipe here.

This one is also from the same store's website. The orange is scooped out and carved. It is then filled with orange and hazelnut salad. You find the easy and quick recipe here

Some fun games for toddlers. This 'I spy' print is too cute!! I am thinking of putting it with the Halloween treat bags. These free printable can be downloaded from pleasantest thing.

You can see the Halloween ideas I have shared earlier here

So what I am planning to make.. well the plan is to carve a watermelon, cutify some healthy treats like raisin - boxes which are so popular among toddlers, coconut and chocolate truffles, customized to the theme treat bags and some more. 

Wish me luck..:)

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