Monday, October 6, 2014

How to make Diwali cards with your kid

Greetings friends!! How was your weekend?

We had a long weekend here. Remember the ravanna I had made. On Friday we celebrated Dusshera by burning our ravanna. My son was very excited and delighted to see ravanna burn. It was fun. Saturday was beach day and Sunday was picnic at park day. Happy to have spend quality family time enjoying simple things in life:) 

We went to the post office to post Diwali greeting cards to in-laws, my father, our sisters. My 2 year old sunny boy and I made the greeting cards well in advance a week back. We made diya/ oil lamp greeting cards.

 You need colorful paper, golden cardstock, zari/ Saree border, A4 sized thick paper.

Start by folding the A4 sheet in center. This give you an idea of how big diya you want to make.

Cut semicircle from colored paper. Draw a teardrop on golden cardstock  and cut it. 
Cut the zari border to size. 

Give all this to your child and give instructions about how to make it. 
I drew a rough design on the card with pencil to give an idea.

I gave the gluestick to him. You can see his little hands at work :) I adore his little hands so cute.. Yummilicious!! 

We made 2 blue and 2 yellow diya. We also added 4 of our best family photos inside. 

If you are making greeting cards with your child for family members , don't forget to write the year and age of your child. After a few years these cards will become fond memories !! That's the charm of handmade and handwritten cards and letters isn't it!! 

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Unknown said...

Awww this is so cute! i think I'm gonna let my kids do this too. We're thinking of using handmade Diwali wishes this year and this gave me a nice idea. thanks for sharing inspiration. Happy Diwali!