Thursday, June 5, 2014

High tea table decor

Being a full time mom of a energetic, very active and full time excited 2 year old means I really need my cup of tea in peace. I make it a point to style it a bit just so that I feel pampered and grown up for a while. 

The other reason I decorate, organize and set up the table all the time like a person with OCD( oh well who am I kidding I do have OCD lol) OK so the reason is that I want my son to pick these little things, learn to decorate and style the corners of the house. I have seen some male friends who can oh -so beautifully arrange the table and some men who don't help their spouse/moms even a tad bit. I would like my son to be like the former type.

 And as you know parents are the best role models so I do my bit!!

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