Thursday, May 8, 2014

Floral arrangement for summer

It is getting nice and warm day by day. The sun roof in the dining room brings bright sun shine all day long. Makes the room so lively. The desire to decorate and make the dining table increases by all the sun shine. So now the dining table does not have the 'ready to eat' look but ' ready to party'  look. What better way to add colors to any room other than flowers. For the love for floral arrangements I did a certificate course in floral design. Although I admit that most of my designs come up impromptu without much attention to the traditional setups. Here is what I did recently. 

Curled up the leaves on the sides all around. Blues, purples and pink with hints of white giving it a wavy symmetry with few leaves springing out to add a little drama.  

Some more pictures. Wooden jars giving them company. 

A glimpse of my living room in the background. 

Have a lovely weekend!!

Joining party @ BNOP!!


Crystal Grandeur said...

Your flower arrangement is so beautiful Purnima.Runner looks very pretty along with those cute little pots.Please do remove your word ID so that people can come and leave a comment without much difficult.Visiting you from Nap On The Porch.Hope to see you in mine too.Have a wonderful mothers day.Love sujatha..:):)

Chubby Chieque said...

Fresh flowers are always the best centerpiece.

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lovely...the bouquet is so sweet with that runner.

Julie said...

Beautiful arrangement, and gorgeous home!!!