Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to make baby face cupcakes

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So finally I have got enough time to write a tutorial and tips for the baby face cupcakes I made for my baby's introduction party which you saw here!! So here are the steps..

You will need:
Chocolate cupcakes
Butter cream icing
Fondant or marzipan

Round  cookie cutter
Rolling pin and board
Edible black color pen
Food colors. I used blue as mine is a boy.
Spoon, carving knife.

Preparing cupcakes:  
Bake cupcakes. I baked 25 chocolate cupcakes. Let them cool. 

Preparation of the baby face base:
You can use either fondant or marzipan..both can give smooth finish and will not melt in hot weather like in Singapore..I used marzipan..I bought ready made marzipan. It was in natural color. So first I separated 3 parts of natural color for face and 1 part for cap and pacifiers.Put a few drops of blue food color in part for cap and pacifiers and knead the marzipan well for the color to distribute equally. I made 25 equal portions of marzipan.

Preparing the base: 
I soaked the cupcakes with strawberry jam. Then covered them with a thin layer of butter cream icing.

How to make the Baby face: 
1)Roll out one natural colored marzipan. Cut it round with a cookie cutter. Put it on the cupcake and press gently. 
2)Then roll out a blue colored marzipan and cut it in round. Then cut it in half. Press it gently on the top portion of the cupcake. 
3)With a knife make design on the cap base. Make a smaller ball and fix it on the top of the cap.
4)Make a 5 small balls and fix them in the place of eyes,nose and ears.
5) If you have edible pen then with it make dots for eyes. 
6) For lips I used a spoon. 
7) For pacifier I fixed a small blue marzipan ball on a slightly bigger ball and flattened them gently.

baby shower cakes, baby boy cupcakes

It took me something like 3- 3.5  hours to finish 25 cupcakes while my sweet baby slept. He was then 12 weeks and that was the longest he has slept between feeds in the morning. Just after I finished the last one he woke up. I almost felt like he knew what Mommy is doing and didn't want to disturb me;)

baby shower cupcakes, baby boy cupcakes

 Ok time for some tips: 
1) While kneading the marzipan with the food color if you are not wearing gloves and your hands get colored, the best way to remove food color from hands is by washing hands with shaving cream. It really works!!

2) If you don't have edible color pen then cut the tip of the toothpick and dip the flat tip in blue food color and make dots for eyes.

3) Do not add more than a few drops of food color in the marzipan as it makes it a little bitter.


Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Very lovely and cute cupcakes!!! Thanks for sharing sure will try it. Good job!

Reshma at said...

Adorable! My younger daughter just turned 3 and we have planned a tea party for her this Saturday. Will try the face one's next time...perhaps for a play date!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy sweetie! love your blog! wanna follow each other?:X

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing how you made them - they look and sound (I love marzipan) great.

Pea said...

Thank you ladies!!

Unknown said...

oh my ghosh ths s simply superb...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.. they are the cutest.. Thats wonderful.. wow!! wow!! I'm going to feature this.. post.. for the month.. Its gorgeous!! :-) said...

very cute, creative and done with a lot of patience :))

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